An article on Megan's Forest Bathing hike for the Daily Mail at Hidden Valley in Washington, CT:


Here's a story in the New York Observer which features the writers personal experience while participating in Megan's Forest Bathing Hike during her recent stay at The Mayflower Grace.


  The following is a story in Town & Country which highlights the editors personal experience while participating in  Megan's Forest Bathing Hike during her recent overnight trip to The Mayflower Grace.

Testimonials & Reviews

"I have been attending Megan's classes for about a year. My first Pilates mat class left me feeling invigorated, not only in body but in mind as well. Megan made me feel comfortable and like I found a new friend. Another client mentioned her gentle corrections and I totally agree. She has a way of making corrections so you don't feel publicly humiliated. So, as a beginner, she encouraged me to keep reaching for the next set of exercises. I've also taken Yoga with Megan, and always left her class feeling stretched and relaxed. I love how she ends the class with a few minutes of quiet, reflective time. With all the gyms and studios in the area I am glad I found a place where I am comfortable and welcome." 

                                                                                                   -Rena Baysinger 

"Megan Lutz is a good example in my experience of one who is not only a trainer, but a perceptive and patient teacher. She takes into account both the physical range and the emotional capacity of the trainee. Given a person's limits, Megan sensitively focuses on the signals coming from the trainee, some of which are subtle. This takes talent. She then establishes rapport with the student, which engender confidence and courage to proceed, free of fear of "failure." By the same token, Megan is a "no nonsense" instructor with regard to punctuality, warm ups and appropriate-level expectations. As you can see, I think very highly of her."                          

                                                                                                         -Diane Miller

"I have been to slightly more than a handful of different yoga classes over the last year or so and Ms Lutz's classes are by far the best! Her love of her art is evident with her approach to teaching classes that are attended by students at all levels of achievement. She gives gentle assisted corrections on various poses and provides reasons for doing such. Since I am a rank beginner, I highly recommend Peaceful Way Wellness to anyone looking to start a journey in Yoga and judging on those who are more advanced than I, her classes are perfect for them as well."

                                                                                                      -Tom Doremus

"My first experience with Megan Lutz of Peaceful Way Wellness changed my life! It wasn't a marathon class or an epic hike experience, just a simple Pilates mat class. When the class began Megan asked that we inhale our braeth through the crown of our head and then exhale our breath out through the soles of our feet. This minute of breathing gave me a feeling that was so invigorating that it has enticed me back for the past five years! Most recently, Megan has helped me get ready for my daughter's wedding through a 28 day program. I lost 10lbs. and felt great for her day! Thanks Megan!"

                                                                                                      -Jackie Smith

"Prior to my training with Megan Lutz, I usually felt sluggish & tired easily.  Some days were like blah days for me from morning until end of day. When I started training with Megan, after only a few days (after the initial muscle shock! - and pain!), I felt a big difference in my body. I felt energetic and always "ready to go" . I felt stronger and no more muscle aches.  My muscles felt stronger and I think my bones too. The only thing I have to work on now is how to get a strict routine of incorporating the "gym" in my schedule. I always fall behind whenever my schedule gets busier. Although I have some setbacks that prevent me from working out for weeks , it is still my goal to get to that workout routine that makes my body feel good. My goal is to go to the gym if not everyday, at least 3 times a week. I'll be calling on you soon, Megan, to set up our next training session!"

                                                                                                 -Ligaya Dumindin

"Megan Lutz's knowledge of the body, fitness and yoga principles ensure that her classes are safe. Her classes are well attended due to her knowledge, genuine concern for her students and her overall enthusiasm. I make it a point to attend her classes when my schedule permits."

                                                                                                 -Rachel Mazzarelli

"When we engage Megan as an instructor for any program we know it will be well organized, fit closely the given description of the class and that the participants will be very happy. She has a following of students that return each session, some of which have been taking Megan's classes for years. I think this in itself speaks volumes for Megan's high standards and ability to engage all levels of abilities."

                                                                                                        -Jenifer Miller

"Megan keeps the safety of her clients in her sessions at the forefront of her mind and is mindful of the quality of each movement, giving verbal cues consistently and in a clear manner. She is well prepared and on time, making sure that everything is set up well in advance of the clients' arrival."

                                                                                                        -Helen Brown

"During my personal training sessions, I found Megan to be a consummate professional, an eager motivator, and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Megan was able to challenge me and made goals attainable - and fun. She is very knowledgeable about alternate exercises and workout programs, to not make programs boring."

                                                                                                        -Alan Sheptin    

"I have found Megan to be quiet knowledgeable and very capable. She is good at motivating me to press my limits while showing me new ways to work out. She is also very careful not to push me to the point of injury, and understands that not everything that she could show me may be suitable for me. Her sense of humor makes the workout fun, and her ability to put up with my sense of humor indicates the tremendous amount of patience that she has. All in all, I am very pleased with our workouts, and look forward to continuing them."

                                                                                                   -Matthew Sabella

"Megan Lutz has been a Yoga instructor at the Senior Sunshine Center of New Fairfield for over a year teaching two classes a week. We have found that she is always professional and proficient. Her approach to her class is clear and caring. She is always willing to adjust the poses to suit specific physical limitations and she obviously has the expertise to do so. Megan is always considerate of the senior center agenda and works with us to achieve efficiency in record keeping. Megan is very good at keeping a strict schedule and arriving and leaving on time. She is an asset to our overall program."

                                                                                                           -Kathy Hull

"Megan Lutz very ably tailored the exercises to slowly strengthen my weakened abdominal muscles, and even more my arms. Megan worked with me through the difficulties of bringing me back to strength. I was tired after each session but felt quite good after I could see the improvements. I really liked that Megan pushed me, but did not go over the limit of my physical capabilities."

                                                                                                           -Joan Smith 

"I am very happy with Megan Lutz's work. I had a shoulder injury, and she seemed very knowledgeable about it. She knows a wide variety of exercises and she is a pleasure to train with."

                                                                                                      -Marc Shamula

"I am very pleased with our work together Megan. I certainly feel myself challenged to the limit. My problem is finding the time to work out. I look forward to our continuing training together."

                                                                                                       -Isaac Mashitz