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Megan Lutz, 500 Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher
Naturalist Guide in Forest Bathing, Hiking and Kayaking
 National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer   

Megan Lutz has built her esteemed career providing the finest personal training, yoga teacher training, naturalist outdoor outings and group classes in the Litchfield County Community. Her occupation as a yoga teacher and naturalist guide inspire her to integrate the natural, outdoor world with the mindful practice of yoga. She believes the synthesis of nature and yoga deepens the students' present moment time experience through engaging all their senses. Various writers have participated in Megan's yoga and nature integration hikes and highlighted their experience through articles in Town and Country, The New York Observer and the Daily Mail.

Her mission is to educate, inspire, support and empower each student as they enhance their health, wellness, nature connection, fitness, and nutrition, elevate their mindset and improve their quality of life.




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